The Perfect Tenant for your space

The Application Process

Once an inspection is completed by the prospective tenant, they are presented with the application for completion.

Specific details must be supplied at the time of the application, including:

• 100 Point Identification
• Employment Details
• Reference details

We advise prospective tenants that we aim to have their applications processed within 24-48 hours. This process is achievable when referees are available and when all applications are complete and accurate.

National Tenancy Database

This database is only available to registered Real Estate Agents.

It allows us to further reference check your prospective tenant for any:

• Unpaid Rent
• Any related VCAT orders
• Advice on any related tenancy matters such as lease breaks and/or outstanding monies.

The Lease

Pursuant to the Residential Tenancies Act 1997, Space Property Co. will professionally prepare your Lease Agreement. This ensures that all matters pertaining to the Lease Agreement are explained clearly to your tenant so they understand their obligations and responsibilities.

We aim to achieve a minimum of 12 months for your first and subsequent tenancies.

Your Property’s First Tenancy

We aim to ensure maximum tenant satisfaction through regular communication and prompt responses. We brief the tenant on what to expect – including the teething problems associated with first tenancies – and what they must do in the event that something does go wrong. We advise our tenants to notify Space Property Co. immediately of any defects to give us sufficient time to meet Developer/Builder defect deadlines and to also ensure problems are rectified in a timely manner. Although every care is undertaken by Developers to deliver the property in the best condition possible, some defects will only come to light with occupancy.

The Bond

The Bond is paid by the tenant upon commencement of the tenancy. In most circumstances, the equivalent of one month’s rent is acceptable. Space Property Co. lodges all bonds with the Residential Tenancies Authority which is held until the tenancy’s conclusion.

Upon the end of a tenancy, the bond will be refunded to the tenant, unless the landlord is entitled to any part of the bond, or as determined by VCAT.

*In some circumstances, where the rent is above $350.00, the agent may request a reasonable higher bond payment.

The Condition Report

Prior to the tenant taking possession of the property, a detailed written report supported by photographs is undertaken. This report records the condition of the property before the tenant’s entry at the commencement of the lease.

At the conclusion of the tenancy, this report is used as the point of reference if a property is deemed to not be left in a similar manner to the commencement of the tenancy. This document is also the point of reference used by the tenant if they disagree with the findings of the exit report completed by Space Property Co. and the Landlord at the end of the tenancy.