How we get started on your space

The Authority

This is commonly headed The Exclusive Leasing and Managing Authority: Residential Property/The Authority. This document sets out the expectations of the relationship between you, the Landlord, and Space Property Co. –  the Agent.

It lists the services to be provided, the costs associated with the initial leasing and the ongoing management. It also provides Authority for the agent to commence the important process of Leasing and Managing your property.

The Landlord Instruction Form

This form accompanies the Authority and is designed to enable you to provide further instructions to Space Property Co. that will assist in the continuous management of your property. Details provided by you are items such as advising where your funds will be directed, or providing guardianship of your property’s outgoings on your behalf.


Full protection of your property is vital. Landlord Insurance is tailor-made to provide Landlords peace of mind and financial protection.

This Insurance protects you against loss of Rent, Malicious Damage, Theft and Liability Claims.

The Financial Reforms Act allows Space Property Co. to refer you to reputable Insurance companies giving you additional options that will enable a more informed decision when choosing an Insurance provider.


Space Property Co. will make arrangements to collect keys from you to start the process of leasing your property.

Developers’ Settlement Pack

At the time of property settlement, most developers/builders prepare a settlement pack for the landlord that contains information such as warranty details on appliances/fixtures, general property information associated with the Owners’ Corporation, council details and all keys, security remotes and associated access codes.

At the time of signing the Authority, “A Consent Letter” is also completed directing Space Property Co. to coordinate the collection of your settlement pack from the Developer/Builder, on your behalf.


While every care is taken by the Developer/Builder to ensure that there are no defects to the property, some properties do require attention. Space Property Co. will assist you through this process.

We liaise with reputable organisations who are also registered builders, to respond to any defects. We will provided you with a written report (and photographs) detailing any or all issues that require attention, along with recommendations.